It’s difficult, these days, to pick just one topic for a blog entry. It feels like every time we blink there’s another atrocity, another assault, another loss. Too often it feels like we’ve been transported to what Starhawk calls El Mundo Malo.  In her novel, “The Fifth Sacred Thing” she writes:

There was the Good Reality, El Mundo Bueno, literally the Good World, and the Bad Reality, El Mundo Malo, and they were always vying with each other. In the Good Reality you have a mild headache; in the Bad Reality you have a fatal brain disease. In the Good Reality, you catch hold of the rail as your foot slips; in the Bad Reality, you miss, slide down the stairs and break your neck. We walk in the Good Reality as if we were treading the thin skin on warm milk. It’s always possible to break through and drown.

I read that quote for the first time in college but never has it felt so true as it has since the 2016 election. It is so easy to slip into despair and the thought that the political machine is too big and impossible to change. Even voting feels like it doesn’t make a difference. Fortunately,

There is a hopeful side, … even in El Mundo Malo, the Good Reality is always just on the other side of the surface of things. If you can learn to reach and pull yourself through, you can make miracles.

I am gripping this idea with both hands. Change can happen, if we work for it. It’s not just waiting passively, but reaching and pulling ourselves through. I would extend this idea further – it is time to reach and pull each other through. We cannot leave anyone behind, drowning in El Mundo Malo. We must march, resist, speak up, speak out – in ways both large and small. Action is the only thing that has changed the world in the past, and we can make it happen today.