Fall in Maine

Even though it’s in the 80s today, Autumn has technically begun here in California. The fall equinox just passed last weekend and I am ready for Halloween. I’ve always loved sweet-spooky decorations and while it’s not yet October, I began putting out my jack o’lantern collection yesterday afternoon, at Miriam’s urging.

While I love the Bay Area, I find myself missing the Midwest and East Coast at this time of year. I miss the vibrant fall colors, the huge swaths of red and orange and yellow. I miss making huge piles of leaves and jumping in. I miss the truly cold early mornings and late nights. I miss old graveyards and orchards. I miss visiting Salem around Halloween. I miss the bonfires.

The one thing I don’t like about Fall is the growing darkness. I have a tendency to feel more tired and sad than usual as daylight wanes.  This year, however, I am attempting to attune myself to the season, the turn of the wheel of the year.  In doing so, I celebrated the Equinox with an online pagan community. 

Starhawk sent out an email that brought to mind questions I will focus on during this changing season. She writes, 

This is the time of the final harvest, when we prepare our homes and our gardens and our hearts for the impending darkness of winter…  If we look to the natural wisdom of our Earth, this is a time when we are positioned to find balance within ourselves. … I encourage you to take some time to consider what has moved into and out of balance in your life and in the world. What have you planted, tended, and harvested in this past wheel of the year? What has disappointed you, shriveled on the vine? What are you holding onto and what can you let go of, like the trees release their leaves, to restore equilibrium? Can you savor and celebrate that which you have accomplished, and turn under into compost that which has left you with disappointment or regret? 


I would love to have you join me in this time of reflection – feel free to comment here, or join me in my Facebook group: Goddesses, Warriors & Wise Witches.