Ready for Battle

Somehow I always forget during Holidailies – finish the entry earlier in the day. Yes, the evening seems like a perfect time. Quiet and calm (at least after the kids fall asleep), and with a whole day of events from which to choose a topic. The problem is, I always get sidetracked. Tonight I thought, oh I’ll just play a couple of matches of an Xbox game. And then my brother joined me. Suddenly it was 11:30pm and there was nary a journal entry in sight. (To make matters worse, our teams kept losing – we ended on a win, but it might have been our only one of the night.) But before I start chastising myself, I remember – I am unwinding (mostly, except for the tense matches) and since my brother and I both have mics, we can talk and laugh while we play. 

A little over a year ago I decided to quit drinking. Even though I didn’t drink around the kids, when they were with their dad I found myself drinking more than I should on more nights than was healthy. I was checking out too frequently. Quitting was hard, but it has been good for me. I’m more in touch with my creativity and I’m clearer in the mornings.

Without the easy out of alcohol, I’ve had to find other ways of unwinding. I knit, I watch TV, I color, I write… and in the past little while I play video games. It started as a way to bond with Tai. But then I discovered that I enjoy it myself. I’m not great – but it doesn’t matter. It’s become a way for me, Tai, my brother, and my nephews to bond. The other night my brother said, “If anyone told me my sister would be a gamer I’d never have believed them.” Me either. But I guess I am a gamer.