Are you a woman who is:

  • subsumed by who you are “supposed” to be?
  • bleeding to death from a thousand tiny papercuts?
  • lost in the chaos of modern motherhood?
  • out of communion with your Inner Wisdom?
  • in the depth of transition or feeling the earliest stirrings of longing to change?

Transformational coaching can help you to:

  • reconnect with your innate, Inner Wise Self.
  • gain clarity about what *you* want.
  • visualize the path ahead.
  • live an intentional life.
  • feel supported as you walk through the fire of change.

Coaching is not the same as therapy. When you engage in coaching, you are taking action – moving forward. While your past informs your future, the focus is what you are creating now.

Coaching helps you access your intrinsic wholeness and compassionately investigate where you are feeling stuck.

Your coach is a companion on your journey.

I see the just emerging you, not only the current or past you. I will help you take the steps to allow your true self to bloom.  I will not allow you to play small any longer.  I have your back.